onsdag 7 december 2011

That's just so cute colors #12

I add this to the challenge "White" (VIT) - That's just so cute color #12.
It's a bookmark. The base is white aquarel paper (?).
Button is really old, don't know where from.
The golden thread is from a giftwrapping from a friend.
The bookpaper is embossed with distress ink - vintage photo and the paper is a winning from Scrapshopbloggen. Another winning is the thing under the button (don't know the word for it). The letters too are from Scrapshopbloggen.

The lace is from Panduro Hobby,
Used corner puncher and snow-pen (and when i heated it over the stove it turned a little ... brownishyellow but I think it lookes really good!
Flowers from ??
I also have a cake paper (Kake-papir) and that one is also from Scrapshopbloggens challenge.
I like that I actually managed to make a card in almost all white (except from the burning thing going on), though it's a lot of different types of white. =) I didn't think I could do it!
(Ps. The book I am reading is P.D James The Black tower, I really like this author. If you like crime/murders read her!)

Maybe not so christmasy but I think it is because of all the white and it does sparkle a little =)

2 kommentarer:

pia iris sa...

et flott bokmerke du har lagd. likte godt blondeblomsten med den gamle knappen, og det at du har brukt gamle ting.
takk for ditt bidrag. klem pia

GryA sa...

Det bokmerket var kjempelekkert!

Tusen takk for et flott bidrag!